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Ensuring equitable access to diverse and inclusive information, including state-funded databases, and access to library services and instruction by supporting legislation that: 


  1. Allocates and maintains annual funding to support the diverse informational needs of students in all areas of CA, especially those in rural and underserved populations who lack access to public libraries, including funding for: 
    1. School library materials/books at all grade levels to create and maintain current and relevant library collections curated by teacher librarians.  
    2. Credentialed teacher librarians in every school.
    3. Qualified library aides in every school. 
    4. Accountability for use of such funding through submission of District Library Plans outlining implementation and funding composed by a committee containing at least one credentialed teacher librarian and one library aide from the district. 
  2. Supports intellectual freedom and the freedom to read and access material with diverse points of view and with inclusion of people and experiences of all gender identities, races, abilities, socio-economic backgrounds, and religions.
  3. Supports Net-Neutrality and equal access to digital tools and information.
  4. Supports students’ right to privacy and freedom of speech.  


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