Remembrances & Tribute Fund

There are many times and many ways to honor a colleague, celebrate a special occasion, and to express thanks. The CSL Foundation offers a number of special programs that you can designate for this purpose, including:

  • Awards and Scholarships
  • California Campaign for Strong School Libraries (public awareness campaign)

Acknowledgement cards are sent to the donor and the person(s) designated. The amount of the gift remains confidential (unless you specify otherwise).

Planned Giving

As people who love libraries and young people who are inspired by them, we have the power to keep school libraries vibrant.  Even a modest-sized gift can make a huge difference.  Some individuals choose to direct a gift to a specific purpose, such as support for a school library or librarians, or a specific program such as a scholarship or public awareness campaign. With a planned gift, you can make a larger charitable gift than you thought possible or leave a legacy without giving up assets.  Planned giving offers several options, listed below.

  • Bequests. These are gifts made by naming the CSLA Foundation as a beneficiary in your will through a specific dollar amount.  As an alternative, you could bequeath a particular asset or percentage of your estate rather than a dollar amount.
  • Retirement Plans.  This is a simple and "tax-wise" way to make a gift to CSLA Foundation.  Through your plan provider, you have the option of naming the CSLA Foundation as a beneficiary by designating either a stated percentage or dollar amount of your IRA, 401[k], 403[b] or other retirement plan.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts.  These ensure a lifetime income for you on the premise that the CSLA Foundation is the capital beneficiary. With the help of an attorney, you can establish an irrevocable trust, which then pays income to you and/or other beneficiaries based on how the trust was established.  When the trust's term is concluded, the remainder is distributed the CSLA Foundation.
  • Life Insurance. Insurance such as life, whole life, universal, and other forms of permanent life insurance policies can provide an important planned gift for CSLA Foundation's future. You may contribute all or part of an insurance policy.  The benefits will vary, depending on your financial situation.

Please consult your legal and tax advisors regarding your specific situation.  If you have already named the CSL Foundation in your estate plans, please let us know at

Contribute to the California School Library Foundation to honor and remember loved ones, colleagues, and other special individuals.

The California School Library Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable foundation.