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The Government Relations Committees of CSLA

The Governement Relations Committees of CSLA -- the Legislative Committee, the Intellectual Freedcom Committee, and the Organizational LIassons Committee -- are under the leadership of the Vice President of Government Relations.


The VP of Governement Relations facilitates the work of all Government Realtions Committees and fosters leadership within the organization through local and state level advocacy.  This includes an annual review and update of  the CSLA Legislative Prirorites set by the legislative committe for approval by the Executive Board.  These priorities guide the VP of Government Relations in directing advocacy efforts of the CSLA Lobbyist.


The current VP of Government Relations is Lisa Cheby.

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Legislative Commitee

This committee engages in on-going analysis of pending state, federal, and local legislation affecting school library services and personnel, and to provide leadership in initiating, supporting, or opposing such legislation. Works with credentialing programs and CDE to engage in analysis of current and proposed changes to credentialing requirements.



Intellectual Freedom Committee 

The committee assumes leadership and serves as a resource in areas regarding First Amendment issues related to  California school libraries.

CHAIR: Fran Prather

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Organizational Liasons Committee

This committee develops and maintains active liaisons with other associations and organizations for the purpose of  furthering the legislative goals of the association.

 CHAIR: Nicole Piscionere



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