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Membership Database & Login

CSLA members login to our membership area for all membership-specific activities. We are confident that this new database will serve you better – whether you are renewing your membership, updating your membership information, checking our directory, or registering for a conference or other event. You use your membership database login for these functions as well as for accessing membership-only materials, such as newsletters, journals, and minutes of our association’s board meetings. Here are some new links to use:

  • Join CSLA
  • Login to our membership area to:
    • Renew your membership
    • Update your CSLA profile
    • Visit our membership directory
    • Access member only material, including CSLA Newsletters, Journals, and State Board Minutes

If you are a current member, you should have a username and password for this area. If you cannot locate your username and password, please use this link to reset your username and password. Please do not open a new account, since that will create duplicate record. For help, please contact us at