Library 2.0 Tutorials

Professional Development


You are invited to increase your digital literacy through several innovative online tutorials that appeal to teachers who like to be one step ahead of their peers…and their students!  The FUN, FREE COURSES ARE CATALYSTS FOR CHANGE. Challenge yourself. Learn 2.0 and curriculum connections!’’

Invest your time in these and to share them with colleagues, along the idea of “train the trainers”.

The tutorials guide you through the ‘tools of the trade’ that our students use every day: blogs, photos and images, RSS and newsfeeds, tagging and technorati, wikis, online applications, podcasting and downloadable audio, and much more.

The coolest thing about these tutorials is that they give you permission to play with all these great tools, AND give you great ideas on how to create compelling library and curriculum collaborations.

This is a fun and fabulous way to learn together and strengthen our collective educational technology savvy.

If you are looking for academic credit, you can register for Continuing Education Units through Fresno Pacific University.

Our online learning programs are for teacher librarians, classroom teachers and students. Our primary objective is to enable and empower educators to build 2.0 school communities through school library tutorials.

We suggest that you first take “School Library Learning 2.0” to build your web 2.0 skills, curriculum connections, and confidence. Next, participants demonstrate your web 2.0  leadership by inviting your classroom colleagues to participate in “Classroom Learning 2.0”. As the teacher librarian leader/facilitator you: “cheer on your ” fellow educators and staff, and encourage all to comment on one another’s blogs and collaborate on web 2.0-based projects.

After you and your classroom colleagues have created some dynamic [and dynamite!] lessons, it’s time to introduce your students to “Teen Learning 2.0”. These collaborative learning experiences build a school community for 21st century teaching and learning; and introduce your students to ethical behavior and critical thinking.

Our Tutorial offerings:

For Teacher Librarians, Classroom Teachers, IT Coordinators, and Staff:

  1. School Library Learning 2.0 –
  2. Classroom Learning 2.0 –
  3. Discovering Assistive Technology – http://discoveringat.csla.netPromo Flyer
  4. Digital Citizenship –

For Students:

  1. Discovering Assistive Technology – http://DiscoveringAT.csla.netPromo Flyer
  2. Teen Learning 2.0 – | Promo Flyer

How easy is it to participate? Here’s how you start:

  1. Find a quiet time at home or after school in the library. Start your computer, and go to: (or any of the tutorials)
  2. Read the main page and “ABOUT” section.
  3. There!  You’ve started!

There are 23 “THINGS” or activities to do in 9-weeks:

Week 1:  Introduction
Week 2:  Blogs and Avatars
Week 3:  Photos & Images
Week 4:  RSS & Newsreaders
Week 5:  Play Week – Fun ‘n’ Games
Week 6:  Tagging, Copyright, & Creative Commons
Week 7:  Wikis
Week 8:  Online Applications & Productivity Tools
Week 9:  Podcasts, Video & Downloadable Audio

The professional development courses can be taken individually or as a group, or administered through a school, county, or professional organization.