Digital and Information Literacy Mini-Series

CSLA is pleased to offer a free Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy online mini-series in partnership with CUE.

TMI (Too Much Information)?
Students and teachers have access to almost unlimited amounts of information through our connected world. This has created amazing opportunities and challenges. This FREE mini professional development series will support teachers in our efforts to integrate the students personal interest into the core curriculum as well as consider how to provide a digital balance in the classroom. Each online session began at 4:00pm and lasted 40 minutes including Q&A time.

UPDATE on the first session! Dr. Lesley Farmer led this session. Her expertise in K12 Information Literacy for teachers and students made this session very engaging. You will not want to miss it!

Digital citizenship / Info Literacy PD Information Flyer

Session details:

Information Literacy (June 2)
An Academic Framework for Researching and Creating Anything – Dr. Lesley Farmer (Professor of Librarianship at CSULB and Co-Chair ALA AASL/ACRL (Assn. of
College and Research Libraries) Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy.

Information Literacy (June 2) Video Link: June 2 Information Literacy Video
Information Literacy Today’s Meet Chat Room Link: June 2 Information Literacy Chat

Digital Citizenship (June 3)
Sharing Globally for Teachers and Students – Cable Green, Director of Global Learning for Commons Commons.

Digital Citizenship (June 3) Video Link: June 3 Digital Citizen Video
Digital Citizenship Today’s Meet Chat Room Link: June 3 Digital Citizen Chat

Digital Literacy (June 4)
Educational Technology Integration into the Classroom – Mike Guerena, EdTech Director EUSD and Jeremy Davis, EdTech Director CUSD.

Digital Literacy (June 4) LIVE LINK: June 4 Digital Literacy Video
Digital Literacy Today’s Meet Chat Room Link: June 4 Digital Literacy Chat