Good Ideas! Award Winner 2012

Lydia Smith-Davis developed a Qualities Matrix for Information Literacy (QM) as part of a two-year faculty wide program on Classroom Assessment: Development and Use – Tools for Teaching, Grading, and Assessing (CADU) at Lutheran High School of Orange County. It is for grades 9 to 12 and based on the California Model School Library Standards. Lead CADU instructor, Bill Saunders from UCLA, asked Lydia if she would contact their Graphic Arts

Department to develop a poster outlining the information literacy concepts in the Qualities Matrix. Upon learning of the tool, art teacher Dawn Hamby asked Lydia if she would be willing to collaborate with her Drawing and Painting classes to introduce scholarly information for an upcoming project. The students used traditional blue jeans as the canvas for their messages about social issues. Students assessed themselves in terms of where they were on the matrix in relation to the standards, both before and after instruction. The matrix was used to guide the research process.