Workshops – 2017 Conference

Annual Conference 2017 Workshops take place on Thursday, February 2, 2017 and Sunday, February 5, 2017. Workshops are offered at an extra free in addition to basic conference registration. See the Conference Preview Guide for information about prices. The Instructional Media Resource Assistant Workshop is from 12:00 Noon – 4:30pm on Thursday, February 2. Workshop Session A is from 10:00am – Noon on Thursday. Workshop Session B is from 1:00pm – 3:00pm on Thursday. Workshop Session C is from 6:00pm – 8:00pm on Thursday. Workshop Session D is from 2:30pm – 4:30pm on Sunday, February 5.

Thursday Workshops, February 2, 2017

Paraprofessional Certification 12:00 Noon – 4:30 PM

Room: Grand Ballroom Salon 3

Instructional Media Resource Assistant (IMRA) Course of Study
Format: 4 hours of Face-to-Face instruction during the Thursday Workshops, and 24 – 40 hours of online coursework to earn your certificate.

Instructors: San Diego County Office of Education: Cindy Dunlevy, Jonathan Hunt, and Sandy Gonnerman
Audience: This course is intended for K-8 classified school site Library Media Technicians.
Included with registration fee: Digital Content Portal (Individual Subscription for 6 months)

Description: The library media center has an important role in helping your 21st century students access
Common Core aligned high quality multi-media resources and informational text. The San Diego
County Office of Education is offering this training of the Instructional Media Resource Assistant
(IMRA) Certificate Course of Study to address that need. A laptop is required for the workshop. Our goal is to provide in-depth professional development for support staff serving in our library media centers. Upon successful completion of this IMRA Course of Study, library media staff will be prepared to assist teachers and students in accordance with the Model School Library Standards and Common Core Standards.

The IMRA course has been approved as a 2-unit credit-bearing Extension course through Humboldt State University. Details will be available at the workshop.

See the conference Conference Preliminary Program for details on the course units.

Session A 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Workshop 1: Best of the Best Young Adult Books (7-12)

Michael Cart, Booklist columnist
Michael Cart, author, columnist, and reviewer for Booklist magazine, is a renowned expert on young adult literature. He will present his 100 “best of the best” young adult books for 2016-2017. This always-popular session is repeated at 6:00 PM.

Room: Grand Ballroom Salon 1

Workshop 2: Skyping Experts and Authors for Student
(and Teacher) Engagement (6-12)

Jill Sonnenberg, Teacher Librarian, High School
Experts across the country and the globe are willing to connect with students on a wide range of subjects, via Skype. Authors, professors and other subject matter experts are often only an email away. Students love Skyping experts for the fresh perspective they bring to campus. Teachers love Skyping experts for professional development. This session will give you a start-to-finish plan for how to host an expert, including making first contact, interviewing tips, and extending the lesson.

Room: Grand Ballroom Salon 2

Workshop 3: Starting from Scratch: Creating a 21st Century LMC (K-5)

Cancelled: Topic is rescheduled as a concurrent session on Saturday at 8:30am.

Workshop 4: Chromando- Apps Extensions Tips and Tricks (6-12)

Sharlene Paxton, Reference & Instruction Librarian, Community College
Learn how to put Google’s Chrome browser to work for increased student learning and productivity. Leave the session with a new bag of Chrome tricks to take to school on Monday and share with teachers and students. You’ll learn how to use apps and extensions for increased productivity, creativity, and accessibility. Foster the four Cs—communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking—while integrating technology that supports student learning across the curriculum.

Room: Cotati

Workshop 5: Digital Storytelling: Comic Book Creations (K-12)

Rosan Cable, Teacher Librarian, High School
Interested in telling a story? Want to incorporate some digital technology into a lesson? Come see how World Language classes jumped into the digital world by using online comic book creation websites and plan your next library lesson using these free websites/apps.

Room: Santa Rosa

Workshop 6: Revitalizing Research in a Google-Driven World (6-12)

Deborah Ford, Director of Outreach, Junior Library Guild
How do we revitalize research in a world that thinks everything can just be Googled? The truth is that much information CAN be Googled. How good they are at Googling is another question. Our job then is to teach them how to use digital resources efficiently, effectively, and ethically, but what if they aren’t making good use of the library? How can I teach them when I can’t see them? Can we make it more fun?

Room: Sonoma

Session B 12:00 Noon – 2:00 PM

Workshop 7: Great LGBTQ Books for Youth (7-12)

Michael Cart, co-author of Top 250 LGBTQ Books for Teens, identifies titles that address the sensitive and important topics of coming out, being out and the search for community. This workshop will spotlight the best lesbian, gay, bi, transgender and questioning books written for teens.

Room: Grand Ballroom Salon 1

Workshop 8: Favorite Tech Tools & Other Inspiration (K-12)

Tiffany Whitehead, Keynote Speaker, Teacher Librarian
This workshop is jam-packed with tech tools, program ideas, library displays, and other inspirations. Participants will learn about and experiment with a variety of tech resources to take back to their library and implement in their school. A game of BreakoutEDU will introduce participants to an exciting new educational resource that builds teamwork and communication skills. Takeaways from this workshop will be practical resources and ideas that librarians can immediately share with their students and teachers.

Room: Grand Ballroom Salon 2

Workshop 9: Assessment >> Analysis >> Action! Improving Your School Library’s Value (K-12)

Lesley Farmer, Professor of Library Media, CSULB
How do you prove your school library’s value – and improve its program of resources and services? Assessment, Analysis, and Action! Building on the 2015 IFLA School Library Guidelines, this session helps you decide what to assess – and how. You’ll see several assessment tools, learn how to organize and visualize data, make meaning of the data, and develop action plans for improving the library’s value. Your school will reap the benefits.

Room: Bodega

Workshop 10: EZ Programing for Busy Librarians (K-12)

Amy Linden Teacher Librarian, High School
Looking for simple to implement programming for your library? Here are two impactful yet easy programs you can run in your middle or high school library with minimal prep time — 1) simple monthly maker projects and 2) starting and running a library speaker series.

Room: Cotati

Workshop 11: Book Repair with George Pilling (K-12)

George Pilling Retired District Librarian
From evaluation to book covers, this workshop will give you the tools to repair your precious books. Lots of handson practice will be included. Bring a book or two in need of repair if you can.

Room: Santa Rosa

Workshop 12: Sow Confident Researchers by Teaching Them How to Ask Great Questions (K-12)

Connie Williams Teacher Librarian, High School
Participants in this session will learn how to create a question-driven learning environment by understanding how questions set the stage for exciting and engaging inquiry. We will explore different kinds of questions, how to prioritize, categorize, and then use them to narrow topics, to broaden searches, and to assess learning. Using primary sources and other compelling subjects, we will practice several strategies that strengthen and enhance a questioning process. These strategies can be used in the classroom, as Professional Development or with parent and other community groups.

Room: Sonoma

Session C 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Workshop 13: The Best of the Best Young Adult Books (7-12)

Michael Cart, Booklist Columnist
Michael Cart is a renowned expert on young adult literature. He will present his 100 “best of the best” young adult books for 2016-2017. This is a repeat of the 10 AM session.

Room: Grand Ballroom Salon 1

Workshop 14: Become an Images Ninja with Google & Other Killer Web-based Images Tools (K-12)

Jane Lofton, Retired Teacher Librarain
Explore Google and other image search tools and learn how best to exploit each. Discover how Google and other free web tools can help you enhance images you find as well as create your own to use in documents, presentations, blogs, websites, posters, and more. Learn about copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons licensing guidelines, so you will know what you can and can’t legally and ethically use in materials you and your students create. The session will include some hands-on time with all these tools. Bring a laptop to take maximum advantage of hands-on activities.

Room: Santa Rosa

Workshop 15: Content Curation in the School Library (K-12)

Brigeen Houghton, Library Coordinator, Fresno COE
With the flood of information available via the Internet and social media, content curation has become a necessary information literacy skill. How do you curate information in your library? Learn how to incorporate technology such as Hyperdocs, Thinglink, Media Sets, and Ed Puzzle as a part of content curation in the content areas.

Room: Bodega

Workshop 16: Data Literacy for School Librarians (6-12)

Tasha Bergson-Michelson, Instructional & Programming Librarian
Students encounter data and statistics everywhere — at work, home, and at school. But do they know what those statistics mean, how they were gathered, and with what criteria? We believe that data literacy is a new frontier in reading comprehension and citizenship. This session explores statistics, data visualization, and data as argument. Whether you want to offer PD for your colleagues or brush up your skills for your own classroom, join us to take a dive into data!

Room: Cotati

Workshop 17: The Three E’s of Library Centers (K-8)

Doree Tschudy, Teacher Librarian, Elementary
Come learn about how to implement engaging, efficient and effective library centers. Whether your library is big or small there are ways to plan entertaining, economical and easy activities for your students. (Wait, that’s six E’s! Sweet!) Doree will be sharing lessons and tips and maybe even have a few fun giveaways!

Room: Sonoma

Workshop 18: Write, Make and Publish Handmade Books; Excite Your Students Tomorrow! (K-12)

Lisa Bishop, Teacher Librarian, Middle School
In 2 hours you will enthusiastically, walk away with many styles of books that you can use in your K -12 library program the following week. Get your students writing and publishing! You will hand sew a 3-hole journal, learn a variety of easy bindings and fun ways to interact with paper that will get your community loving to write. You will learn how to manage it so you are not overwhelmed.

Room: Grand Ballroom Salon 3

Sunday Workshops, February 5, 2016
Workshop 19: Asking Questions? Finding Answers… (K-12)

Kay Hones, Teacher Librarian, High School
Bring your questions & bring your own device. Explore 3 FREE research sources: Library of Congress including Primary Source Sets; Digital Public Library of America portal of opening available materials; Calisphere California Digital Library themed collections & California culture. This workshop will introduce LOC, DPLA & Calsiphere.

Room: Bodega

Workshop 20: Can I Use That? Copyright, Fair Use, Creative Commons & Plagiarism for the Remix Generation (K-12)

Jane Lofton, Retired Teacher Librarian
Confused about what your students, teachers (and you) can legally and ethically use when creating online content? Come learn all the ins and outs of copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons, how this all relates to plagiarism, and how to encourage creativity while still respecting intellectual property. And, easily leverage this into a “must do” professional development session for your teachers and lessons for your students.

Room: Grand Ballroom

Workshop 21: Engaging Students With Video Creation Projects (K-12)

Richard Byrne, Keynote Speaker
When students create projects that are only shared in the classroom, they’ll settle for good enough. When students create videos that are shared with a global audience, they’ll only settle for the best. This hands-on workshop introduces participants to a variety of tools that their students can use to create videos to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a wide array of topics. Participants will learn about video formats and each format can fit into their classrooms. At the end of the workshop each participant will have at least one completed video to share with others.

Room: Santa Rosa

Workshop 22: Great Books for Boys (And Anyone Else Who Likes a
Good Book) (K-12)

Deborah Ford, Director of Library Outreach, Junior Library Guild
Find out about the latest hot books of 2016 with great male characters, exciting plots, crazy facts, and people you never heard of. Join Deborah B. Ford, international speaker and published author, for a fast look at amazing books you just have to buy for your library. From fiction to nonfiction and series to stand-alones, these titles and the free resources that accompany them will make your job of getting the just-right book into the hands of the right reader so much easier. We’ll also take a peek into what’s coming for 2017.

Room: Sonoma