2012 Conference Hotel Information

Conference Hotel Information

Hotel reservations for the 2012 Annual Conference at the Marriott Hotel are now open.

To make your reservation, please click this link.

Why should you reserve at the conference hotel? By staying at the Marriott, you will:

  • Enjoy the lovely rooms and facilities of a first-rate hotel.
  • Be right on-site for conference events.
  • Get a great discounted CSLA Conference room rate of $109 per night,
  • Get a great discounted CSLA Conference rate of $10 for overnight parking.
  • Get CSLA Conference attendee complimentary internet in your room.
  • Be just steps away from the Tech Museum, theater, and restaurants in the heart of Downtown San Jose.
  • Get a chance to win a free CSLA membership and a free registration for the 2013 conference!
  • Help CSLA.

The hotel is offering us a significant discount on our meeting rooms if we book a certain number of guest rooms. We based the conference registration fees on making that number. If we don’t, CSLA will lose revenue from our conference and our ability to serve our members and the needs of school libraries.

So, please indulge yourself in the luxury and convenience of a stay at the San Jose Marriott Hotel, and help support CSLA.

For those of you who reserved by July 15, thank you! We will announce the winners of the drawing for a free membership and 2013 conference registration at the 2012 conference. Good luck!