CSLA Committees

Vice President – Communications
Rosan Cable, )


Calibk12 Listserv:

      • Mindy Wilmot
      • Dana Cobern-Kullman

CSLA Exhibits Chair: Silvia Gutierrez

CUE Information Literacy Summit Committee:

      • Rosan Cable
      • Jane  Lofton
      • Glen Warren

Journal Editor:
Mary Ann Harlan,


Journal Committee:

      • Anne Wick
      • Rosemarie Bernier
      • Debbie  Abilock
      • Doug  Achterman
      • Lesley Farmer
      • Jane  Lofton
      • Carlton Martz
      • Jo Ellen Misakian
      • Marilyn Robertson
      • Sandy Schuckett

Public Relations Committee
Prepares a plan for statewide public relations activities and, with Board approval, carries out these plans.Public Relations Committee: Chair position available, contact Rosan Cable if interested.

Newsletter Editor: Position available, contact Rosan Cable if interested

Website Masters:

      • Rosemarie Bernier
      • Jane Lofton

Vice President – Membership
Clare McGarvin,




History & Archives Committee (Barbara Jeffus. Co-chair position available, contact Clare McGarvin if interested):
Oversees the acquisition, preservation, maintenance, and display of the archival material of California School Library Association (CSLA) and all preceding associations dating back to its founding in 1915.

spennellLeadership for Diversity Chair:
Susan Pennell,

Promotes diversity in the leadership and ranks of CSLA and the profession and addresses information needs of California’s multicultural, multilingual students.
Current members:

      • Teresa Mares
      • Darlene E. Dunn

Membership Committee Chair:
Clare McGarvin,


Assumes leadership in recruiting and maintaining membership.
Current members:

      • Kathleen Sheppard
      • Terri Brown

Paraprofessional Representative
Mitzie Larson,


Paraprofessional Committee:
Represents the interests, issues, and concerns of CSLA paraprofessionals and provides leadership in addressing those needs.

Current members:

      • Julia Weldy
      • Jane Ogle
      • Dana Cobern-Kullman
      • Amelia LaFleur
      • Patricia Tatum
      • Constance Russell
      • Carol-Lee Marshall
      • Pam McReynolds
      • Joanne Ladewig
      • Connie LaFever

Vice President – Government Relations
Glen Warren,


Intellectual Freedom Committee:
Chair: If interested, contact Glen Warren
Assumes leadership and serves as a resource in areas regarding First Amendment issues related to California school libraries.

Leadership Development Committee: Janice Gilmore-See, Develops leadership within and for the Association.

Legislation Committee: If interested, contact Glen Warren
Engages in on-going analysis of pending state, federal, and local legislation affecting school library services and personnel and provides leadership in initiating, supporting, or opposing such legislation.

Organizational Liaisons Committee: If interested, contact Glen Warren
Develops and maintains active liaisons with other associations and organizations for the purpose of furthering the legislative goals of the association.

Vice President – Professional Development
Kimberlee Thorson,



Committee for Standards Integration
Lesley Farmer,

Committee on Standards Integration:

Promotes and facilitates the implementation and integration of education standards, technology, and the California Model School Library Standards in the school library program. http://csla.net/instruction/

Current members:

      • Rosemarie Bernier
      • Andrea Catania
      • Lorrie Culver
      • Annelise Freeman
      • LeighAnn McCready
      • Karen Morgenstern
      • Teresa Lai
      • Liza Wardell
      • Glen Warren
      • Valary White

CYRM Committee:
Maria Petropulos,


Coordinates CRYM activities on behalf of CSLA at the state level, The CRYM program is a partnership with three organizations (California Association of Teachers of English, California Library Association, California Reading Association)
Current members:

      • Sarah Elder
      • Janet Wile

Research Task Force Committee
Lesley Farmer,



Promotes and facilitates research as a vital part of the library media program and to support its application.
Current Members:

      • Jennifer Holowich
      • Kelli Van Velkinburgh
      • Ashley Brockman
      • Sara Oremland