CSLA 2016 Friday Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session 1

Concurrent Session 1 will be held at 9:45am – 10:30am on Friday.

National Archives Primarily Teaching 2015

Attendees will learn about the wonderful week-long summer teacher workshop at the National Archives in Washington DC., including how to apply and what to expect. Learn about the Archives’ docsteach.org website, including how to search existing lessons and build your own.

Presenter: Virginia Hamilton, TL, El Dorado Union HSD, Union Mine High School
Level: 6-12, Room: Bahia Bell 1

Flip It: During Class Shell

Juggling teaching library lessons, your students, and being a resource? Learn how to maximize instruction using Google Classroom. Apply the flipped classroom concept during class time. Infuse technology to reach Modification and Redefinition SAMR level and increase creativity and engagement. Participants will get individual help setting up a Google Classroom and Web 2.0 tools will be discussed.

Presenter: Katie McNamara, TL, Kern High School District, North High School
Level: 6-12, Room: Shell

Diversify Thinking with 1:1 Innovation

Exemplary collaborative research lessons front-loaded to meet the needs of diverse students will be presented. The lessons will demonstrate how learning is enhanced by opening doors for creativity for 160+ teachers and nearly 3000 students.

Rosemarie Bernier, TL, Los Angeles USD, Alexander Hamilton High School
Level: 6-12, Bahia Belle II

Audiobooks in School Libraries

Expand  your collection to support all students including English language learners, students with reading challenges, gifted students as well as yourself. We will explore a variety of audiobook formats to find what will work best for your learners. We will discuss the benefits of listening to literature, title selection tips, and potential funding sources as well as free resources. Listen up!

Presenter: Jessica Lee, TL, Berkeley USD, Willard Middle School
Level: K-12, Room: Del Mar

Panel: Adding Depth of Knowledge to Digital Citizenship Lessons

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) is a measure of how cognitively involved students are in a lesson or activity. Most school instruction involves low DOK activities but Common Core testing requires higher levels of thinking. Participants will get a brief overview of the four levels of DOK and strategies for increasing the DOK of any lesson. They will look at traditional Digital Citizenship lessons with low DOK and revised lessons using the same resources but with higher DOK and greater student involvement and investment.

Presenters: Anthony Doyle, TL, Merced Union HSD, El Capitan High School; Travis Harding, TL, Merced Union HSD, Atwater High School; Janis Edwards, TL, Merced Union HSD, Livingston High School; Tara Woodall, TL, Merced Union HSD, Golden Valley High School
Level: 6-12, Room: Ventana

Double Concurrent Session 1 & 2

Double Concurrent Session 1 & 2  will be held 9:45am-11:30am Friday.

Discovery Learning in the Library Learning Commons Panel

The world of information and technology provide a huge new platform for teacher librarians to move to the center of both formal and informal learning in elementary and secondary education. With much attention being paid to creativity, self-directed learning, and makerspaces, a whole new world opens for the library learning commons to be an island in the school not only for consumption of knowledge but also the creation of knowledge. Dr. Loertscher and students at SJSU will involve the audience and demonstrate new ways to create Virtual Learning Commons and Virtual Makerspaces that will make a huge difference in the program of California school libraries.

Moderator: David Loertscher, Professor, School of Information, San Jose State University
Level: K-12, Room: Bayside Pavillion

Concurrent Session 2

Concurrent Session 2 will be held 10:45am-11:30am Friday.

Content Marketing Your Library

Feeling stuck in a rut or underappreciated? Under appreciated? Launch your own content marketing strategy in your school ibrary. Content marketing is about creating interesting information your customers are passionate about so they actually show genuine interest in what you do. In this session we will discuss how you can evolve your library practices from a bunch of unrelated projects to a cohesive sustainable plan for meeting the needs of all stakeholders at your school. Participants will leave with strategies and activities to advocate for their school library.

Presenter: Brigeen Radoicich-Houghton, Library Coordinator, Fresno County Office of Education
Level: K-12, Room: Bahia Belle 1

Going Chromando: Chrome Apps, Extensions, Tips, and Tricks

Learn how to put Google’s Chrome browser to work for increased student learning and productivity. Leave the session with a new bag of Chrome tricks to take to school on Monday and share with teachers and students. You’ll learn how to use apps and extensions for increased productivity, creativity, and accessibility. Foster the four Cs—communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking—while integrating technology that supports student learning across the curriculum.

Presenter: Sharlene Paxton, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Kern Community College District, Cerro Coso Community College
Level: K-12, Room: Shell

Common Core for Dummies! 

The Common Core State Standards can be confusing for veteran teachers focusing on a single grade level, let alone librarians who deal withthe entire student body. This session will provide the historical and political context for the Common Core, as well as a brief, simple overview of each of the standards that will have you realizing you know more than you think you do.

Presenter: Jonathan Hunt, Coordinator of Library Media Services, San Diego County Office of Education
Level: K-12, Room: Ventana

Using Primary Sources to Teach the Holocaust

History lessons are most authentic when primary sources such as diaries, letters, and photographs are shared and analyzed. Students gain insight into choices and actions when they are exposed to eyewitness material. Using primary sources from the Library of Congress and The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, this session will prepare the middle or high school TL to collaborate in teaching the Holocaust.. Sample lessons, bibliographies, and other resources will be provided, and participants will be ready to humanize the facts about the Holocaust.

Presenter: Silvia Gutierrez, TL, Palos Verdes Peninsula USD, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
Level: 6-12, Room: Bahia Belle II

When I was a Girl: Representations of Girlhood in Popular YA Literature

Girls are represented in specific ways in diverse media, these representations shape how we understand the experience of “being a girl”. While popular culture is discussed in regards to how television, movies, and music impact and influence young women, YA literature is an oft overlooked category of the images of girlhood young women encounter. This session will introduce four narratives of girlhood and highlight how these narratives are represented and challenged in popular YA fiction. This will both support and problematize issues around the #weneeddiversebooks movement.

Presenter: Mary Ann Harlan, Assistant Professor, San Jose State University
Level: 6-12, Room: Del Mar

Concurrent Session 3

Concurrent Session 3 will be held 1:30pm-2:15pm Friday.

Ready to Get Students College/Career Ready? What’s the Teacher Librarian’s Role?

College-career readiness is a big concern these days. How can teacher librarians leverage this issue to provide library resources and services? Find out about Yolo County’s College-career readiness project, and librarians’ role in its development and implementation.

Presenter: Lesley Farmer, Professor at California State University, Long Beach, coordinator of the Librarianship program
Level: 6-12, Room: Bahia Belle I

The Advocacy Road for Teacher Librarians: Task Forces and Union Representation

What are some resources a teacher librarian has to help attain or retain employment in the library? This advocacy session will address forming relationships within a district, acquiring widespread help during the process, forming alliances with the local union, and being part of a task force.

Presenter: Rosan Cable, TL, Garden Grove USD, Pacifica High School
Level: K-12, Room: Del Mar

Following the Story Trail : A Year-long Read-Aloud Plan for Third Grade

Introduce your students to a variety of immigrants, entrepreneurs, and authors as you read aloud each week, learning and reinforcing library/information skills along the way. This reading plan can be successful whether “no tech, low tech, or high tech” is available to you. Your students will learn about Russia, Ireland, New York, a famous blizzard, the invention of the automobile, the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, and much more, “Following the Story Trail.” Adaptable for 4th and 5th grades.

Presenter: Joanne Ladewig, Library Media Technician, Garden Grove Unified School District, E. O. Lawrence Elementary School
Level: 3-5, Room: Bahia Belle II

Becoming a Centered Librarian

Thirty students in thirty minutes, and thirty more on their way that you need to teach, help find a just right books for and stay sane and smiling. Sound all too familiar? Come hear tales from Doree Tschudy’s first six months using Library Centers with grades K-5. Participants will receive tips on getting started, getting organized, and examples of lessons. We’ll finish up with some Q&A and sharing of ideas.

Presenter: Doree Tschudy, TL, Palo Alto USD, Duveneck Elementary School
Level: K-5, Room: Ventana

Free Resources to Make You a Marketing Genius

Join Deborah B. Ford for a fast-paced look at the mostly free resources that she creates for marketing and see how you can use them to promote your library. From curating with tools like LiveBinders and Symbaloo, to using Pinterest and other social media, you can easily reach your community beyond the bricks and mortar.

Presenter: Deborah B. Ford, Director of Library Outreach, Junior Library Guild
Level: K-12, Room: Bayside Pavillion

Double Concurrent Session 3 & 4

Double Concurrent Session 3 & 4 will be held 1:30pm-3:15pm Friday.

Wicked Questions for Teacher Librarians – Cancelled

Fabulous Forms: Google Forms for Data Collection, Assessments, Surveys, and So Much More

Forms are Fantastic!  Forms may be used for assessments, surveys, data collection, and so much more. The  Library Media Center is a 21st Century Learning Resource Center on the front lines of GAFE implementation and support. This session is designed to introduce participants to Google Forms, as well as learn about supporting students and staff that are using Forms. Participants will create and use Forms,, and install and run Flubaroo, which is an Add-On that automatically grades assessments. Bring a laptop to take maximum advantage of hands-on activities during this session.

Presenter: Kelli Van Velkinburgh, Colton Joint Union School District
Level: K-12, Room: Shell

Concurrent Session 4

Concurrent Session 4 will be held 2:30pm-3:15pm Friday.

Collaboration for College-Readiness: An Example from Bakersfield College and the Kern High School District

Find out more about the collaborative relationship between the Bakersfield College Reference Librarians and the Kern High School District’s Teacher-Librarians. Sondra Keckley was a KHSD Teacher-Librarian for seven years, and is now a Reference Librarian at Bakersfield College. She will use her experience and dual perspective to share with you a model for what collaboration can look like in an effort to articulate programs and promote college-readiness. This session will provide examples of collaboration products, such as Information Literacy curriculum, a College Research Survival Skills video series, and a professional development PowerPoint geared at high school teachers.

Presenter: Sondra Keckley, Reference Librarian, Bakersfield Community College
Level: 9-12+, Room: Bahia Belle I

Point of Reference: Changing School Library Reference for 21st Century Learners

Do you still have a reference section? Not sure what to do with it? Join Amy Linden on her quest to reevaluate her traditional reference section. We will look at the process she followed to weed, decide what to keep in print (if anything), what to provide digitally. We will also have a good discussion about the changing philosophy in school libraries.

Presenter: Amy Linden, TL, El Dorado Union HSD, El Dorado High School
Level: K-12, Room: Del Mar

Risen from the Ashes: The State of Library Services in Vista Unified School District after Implementation of the Model Plan

At CSLA 2015, the Teacher Librarians of the Vista Unified School District shared the story of how the district revitalized library services through the development and implementation of the Model Library of Educational Excellence and Innovation plan. The story was well received and widely acknowledged through social media, publication of articles in CSLA Journal and School Library Journal and representation at the SLJ Leadership Summit. This session will review the plan and update attendees on the progress, successes, and lessons learned throughout this process. The next steps to keep the plan moving forward will also be discussed.

Presenters: Nancy Tubbs, Denise Robertson, Ranae Mathias, and Jennifer Stone, TLs, Vista Unified School District
Level: K-12, Room: Bayside Pavillion

Reaching Out to Classroom Teachers through a Guided Inquiry Lesson on the Battles of WWI

This session will demonstrate the process of reaching out to teachers by designing a Guided Inquiry Project and presenting it to content area teachers in order to bring them into the library. Show the teachers the advantages of collaboration while the students research and produce blog posts on what they learn using various Web 2.0 applications.

Presenter: David Burt, TL, Central Union HSD, Southwest High School
Level: 9-12, Room: Bahia Belle II

Picture Book Biographies and Common Core

Since ‘Common Core’ is where we are at now in education, picture book biographies are a great introduction to expanding the students’ interests on so many levels. If you plan to attend this session, please bring a copy of your favorite picture book biography or have a title in mind to share.

Presenter: Mitzie Larson, Library Media Technician, Orange USD, Palmyra
Level: K-5, Room: Ventana