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StrongSchoolLogo_dsmThrough a variety of projects and programs, the California School Library Association Foundation has developed the California Campaign for Strong School Libraries. This campaign, consisting of marketing and advertising promotion in targeted areas throughout California, is designed to raise awareness about the importance of strong school libraries for our children.

The outreach impacts school administrators, legislators, parents, students, educators, and anyone who could advocates the importance of your child’s access to a library staffed by a credentialed teacher librarian, clerical staff and a budget to support important resources for reading, research and creative projects.

“California public schools with strong school library programs outperform those without such programs on the state’s STAR tests” [Achterman 08]. Research confirms that school librarians and school libraries support students in academic achievement, lifelong learning and reading.

Students are in serious danger of losing school librarians and school libraries across America. The most severe cuts are occurring in California where school library services to children are already at the bottom in the nation.

 As school libraries close, children of poverty lose access and the achievement gap grows larger. The easy solution, and one backed up by more than 20 state and international studies confirms that access to books allows children to read more. Reading more creates better readers. The school library provides access to books, plus access to the professional who can lead our children into their digital future safely and thinking critically about their world – both virtual and real.

Your tax-deductible donation supports the campaign by funding projects and programs dedicated to helping school library professionals and support staff to create projects for their students, faculty and/or administrators, develop legislative campaigns that support requirements for school libraries; and design curriculum and instruction that will benefit our students for years to come.

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To learn more about what a strong school library means, go to:

February 2011 Press Release, and Library Store announcement

LIBRARY STORE.  This is an advocacy site created to support members and library supporters with products that say “Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students.”  It brings in a modest revenue to the FOUNDATION in order to support public awareness efforts.

Key Resources

California’s  School Libraries Make a Difference
California public schools with strong school library programs outperform those without such programs on the state’s STAR tests. This is true regardless of the school community’s parent education and poverty levels, ethnicity, and percentage of English language learners. Read more… Download Handout (by Doug Achterman)

       Library Research Service, School Library Impact Studies

Parents Guide for Promoting Equity, Opportunity, and Achievement
How Much of a Difference Do School Libraries Make?
In California’s high schools, which have the overwhelming majority of fully-staffed school libraries, the school library program accounts for between 19-21% of the variance in STAR test scores.

On the U.S. History STAR test, the library program is a better predictor of scores than parent education, poverty, ethnicity, percentage of English language learners, teacher salaries, and teacher experience. Download flyer

For more information read more