CSLA Mission & Strategic Plan

CSLA advocates for excellence in school library programs, develops leaders in the school library field, and collaborates with other educational leaders to ensure that all California
students are effective, responsible users and creators of ideas and information.

Updated April 2016

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Strategic Plan

The current Strategic Plan, adopted by the CSLA State Board at the 2016 annual conference, examines five critical issues.

Critical Issue (1): Strong School Library Programs

How can CSLA promote strong school library programs across the state?

Goal 1: To identify and publicize school libraries that exemplify the California Model School Library Standards.

Goal 2: To offer outreach and support to districts and county offices of education who offer limited school library services and encourage extending the nature and availability of those services.

Goal 3: To provide tools to help stakeholders evaluate and support their school library programs.

Critical Issue (2): Development

How can CSLA provide support and professional development for its members?

Goal 1: To build our members’ professional learning communities.

Goal 2: To provide resources to help our members create strong school library programs.

Critical Issue (3): Advocacy

How can CSLA advocate for strong school library services and instruction for all students and learning communities throughout California?

Goal 1: To be a strong voice for California school library services and programs, which create and support information literate students

Goal 2:To provide tools and resources for school library advocacy

Critical Issue: Collaboration

How can CSLA make connections with organizations that support its student-centered values and goals?

Goal 1: To foster collaborative professional development

Goal 2: To foster collaborative advocacy efforts

Critical Issue: Research

How can CSLA support, promote, and disseminate research projects that focus on California school libraries?

Goal 1: To seek funding resources to support research.

Goal 2: To encourage individuals and organizations to engage in research focused on California school libraries, their impact, and their needs.

Goal 3: To share research findings with CSLA membership, partners, and the broader educational community.

CSLA Strategic Plan – April 2016